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Has KL Rahul ever delivered under pressure (in LOIs) ?

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1 minute ago, Adamant said:

In tests, I think you should check out his performance vs AUS in home conditions , probably the toughest series we have played at home.

That may be true.   But I don't think any Indian test opener would ever hv a worse batting average than KL.   (batsmen having played more than 30 tests) 

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Just now, speedheat said:

 This midget always looks to be under pressure in a big match.

Now, watch him score some meaningless runs against Namibia, Scotland, and Afghanistan, and his fans will go crazy.

He needs to perform against NZ, but oh wait .......... TRENT BOULT vs Rohit and Rahul can yet again be devastating

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6 minutes ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

That was a brute of a delivery and could have got anyone out.

Kohli would have defended it. He dropped his head way too low. It was a combination of great bowling + poor technique. You are always going to face some great deliveries in big events. 

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Till now, he hasn't.


Shreyas Iyer is a better pressure player and he has a positive attitude in his game too.


In situations such as 23/3 or 31/3, he and Pant always performs and save their team. So, I would like to see Pant and Iyer batting together at 4 & 5 for Indian team. They compliment each other well too.



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3 minutes ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

That was a brute of a delivery and could have got anyone out.


Actually we have posted decent total considering our appalling start.


Question should be asked of Shami, Bumrah and Bhuvi. Looked like a baby bowler infront of Shaheen Afridi.

Bowlers were ineffective for sure and should be questioned but according to me  30-3 was the bigger concern, we lost 70% of the battle right there

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39 minutes ago, Vickydev said:

I think he was relieved that Afridi cleaned him up...didnt want none of this rebuild and graft bul###t in tough situations

You mean like how he did through out the test series in England? Yes different format, but clearly he showed the mindset to graft in tough situations


Let's not get Carried away with this criticism

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2 minutes ago, R!TTER said:

Nice deflection, this is his second ICC tournament - given the circumstances he opened in the 2019 WC his performances weren't that bad. If you're nitpicking we have 2 certified duds from a combined of 25-30 ICC KO's who've shat the bat in at least 20 of them!

I was'nt talking particularly about knockouts , this match was'nt a knockout, was it?

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