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What’s the logic behind selecting Shami?

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Virat in his press conference said "Attacking someone over their religion is the most, I would say, pathetic thing that a human being can do," 


Was is a swing at Waqar as well ? because the host mentioned shami question is answered but he mentioned i want to elaborate then went on to make statement and then spoke a team behind shami. 

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His expiry date (in LOIs) was over long ago.  Its getting embarassing to watch him bowl in odis.   Predictable line and length with about 135 to 140 speed is not going to give him any suceess.  Where are the yorkers ,where are  the slower balls?

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looks like he has been selected under the seniority quota due to Bumrah not being there


Guess still better than Bhuvi.


Need to try Arshdeep in last game.


Its frustrating that Prasidh, Tyagi,Mohsin are all injured or returning from injury

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9 hours ago, express bowling said:

Bumrah, Siraj, Prasidh, Umran and Sen should be our ODI pacer pool. 


3 of them are injured


Shami is better than the trundlers that would be selected otherwise. 

This is our biggest enemy at the moment.....every bowler whom we think is ready to take over the baton gets injured.
Injury bhi aisi that they can't recover in 1-2 months..minimum 6 months to 1 year of gap.

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He has too little variety and cant bowl at the death. He has a good strike rate in ODIs with good reason, away from home with new ball especially his consistent probing line and length is effective.

However for a home ODI WC where he is bowling on pattas he does not have the extra pace, or cutters, or even a wobble seam type ball to get something different out of it.

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On 10/30/2021 at 9:30 PM, express bowling said:



Only test cricket is thriving in India in the last 6 years, thanks to our fantastic test match bowling. 


Haven't won a T20 World Cup in the last 14 years, although 5 of them took place in this period.


No ICC LOI trophies in the last 8 years, although 5 of them took place in this period.


With only 8 good teams in T20Is and 6 good teams in ODIs ... and the amount of resources that we have in cricket these days ... we should be absolutely dominating white ball cricket too.


Icc tournaments are a lottery. Need a bit of luck with tosses as well.

Say we won the 2019 2021 2017 toss, e would have definitely won a few of them. 


Even vs england in t20 Wc recently, who knows. We may have won the game. 

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This guy wasn't playing T20, out of the wilderness they brough him back. One dayers played in 2020  after that 2022. Since his reutnr last year

7 matches 8 wickets  39.50 avgerage 5.64 ER 42.0 Strike rate worse than his career performance in every which way.

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On 1/14/2023 at 6:39 AM, Kerberos said:

Hope hardik takes over from Rohit. Hardik has everything required to be a captain: brain, humbleness, performance, style (he is pretty handsome, no homo :love:), fitness and much more. He is the next Kapil Devgun.


Can Pandya stand on the field without holding on to somebody for the entire duration of the match.

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