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World Cup isn't as fun as IPL, says Sunil Gavaskar

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Any tournament is ranked as fun for the entertainment level it provides. IPL, by definition is a club based franchise tournament with best players drafted which brings the team closer. Leads to closer games = MORE FUN!


In contrast, ICC tournaments are nation vs nation where we know there is a serious gulf in talent and quality between sides. Was always going to be inferior to IPL. 

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2 hours ago, Finer said:

IPL is the greatest thing ever happened to mankind. Anyone who hate IPL are jealous, bitter and clueless who knows nothing about cricket. Both IPL and modi best. Sponsored by tea and endorsed by Abhi Nandan # Chai bohat achi hai… Stay tuned. 


First thought when I read this post 


Hasan Minhaj Netflix GIF by Patriot Act

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