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Can India afford to be secular?

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6 hours ago, Yoda-esque said:

Ultra secular KCR rips into Modi.
2024 will be fun with Kejruddin ,mamata bano and KCR trying to assume the pole position for the third front.


Hindus v Psuedo/Political Hindus difference is much more clearer when they are to attack Telangana govt.


For past few years, there is consistent attempt to malign Telangana to show as if it is falling into hands of Islamists and govt is agent of those. Reason is that there is no BJP govt in state and that is bit hard to accept for them.


Psuedo/Political Hindus want to portray that they are saviors of Hindus and other who don't support their favorite political party weak or lesser Hindus.


Thus there is a superiorty complex among those people who want to liberate them. 


But in reality they just want their favorite party in power. They aren't really worried about Hinduism.


One such example



I remember there was lot of hue and cry around this and Telangana CM was labelled as Islamist by Northies who have no clue about Telangana.


When reality was that kite flying was not banned. Forget Kite flying being banned, Telangana govt organized annual kite festival at grand scale.




Hindus of Telangana are devout Hindus and it seems that going to temple is their favorite weekend activity. Just because they don't vote for certain party, some people want to believe they need to liberated from the govt which is anti-Hindu, but it's just seems to be a propaganda.


KCR is known for his sprituality and promotes Hinduism.





In an informal chat with mediapersons at his chambers in the Secretariat, the minister said that KCR promoted Hindu religion by performing yagas, strengthened temples and promoted spirituality without giving any scope to communal clashes. KCR accorded utmost priority to communal harmony besides having a religious life. Not a single instance of law and order problem on religious grounds was reported from Telangana for the last four years.



KCR govt initiated renovation of Yadadri temple.







KCR’s Rs 1,800 crore dream temple project at Yadadri nears completion

KCR plans to invite the central government heads, chief ministers, governors, ministers, gurus of Hindu sects for the Yadadri temple reopening.








1,048 mandaps, 4,000 priests: KCR plans ‘mother of all yagna’, top leaders invited

According to a late-night official release from the chief minister’s office, KCR discussed the arrangements to be made for the yagam with Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamy at his ashram earlier on Tuesday.


Ayutha Chandi Yaga






2015 - Ayutha Chandi Yaga





2018 - Rajashyamala Yagam




Sahasra Maha Chandi Yagam








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Telangana BJP had accused KCR of appeasing Hindus in past by construction of temple and origanizing yagas.


North Indian IT cell accuses him of being Islamist.


BJP is labelled as anti-minority by opposition.


Opposition parties are lablled as minority appeasing parties by BJP.

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On the one hand ICF wants to know and appreciate cricketers who are unbashedly proud of their religion. 




On the other hand, ICF wants to take a religion based swipe on KCR who is unbashedly proud of his religion just because he doesn't belong their favorite party.



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Great article on modi.Politocians like KCR momota kejri won't have the balls to do what Modi has done

This is a matter of the utmost importance for global evangelists and their ultimate political state patrons because the Modi government has thrown up a veritable ‘bund’ against religious conversion without legislating specifically against it. This is very ‘big deal’, to put it colloquially, since the US has long perceived religious conversion as the vehicle for taming India by creating a loyal constituency within it. Hence, the unending abuse of all things Hindu on the basis of prodigious quantities of a contrived academic research focus on caste to enhance and create further socio-political divisions within Indian society and relentless propaganda as well to promote the fabrications.


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