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Lol! Turn and ball keeping low on the 1st day of a test match

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18 minutes ago, Vilander said:

Jamieson is not some speed demon, he is 2 meters plus and extracts bounce but trundles. 

nz prepare seaming doctored pitches for home games give them hardest square turners and make them squirm it’s all good.

Nha masochist indian dont deserve anything to rejoice. They just want to act like sycophants to their white masters. We have a bunch of them here. Probably many more. 

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The pitch was relatively flattish, definitely flat as compared to test 2-3 decks vs Eng. At least two dismissals could've been avoided had the batters played on the front foot or stood outside their crease!

Kyle wasn't bowling at Nortje's speed - most of them looked scared against him :whack2:


FFS this is India not Perth you doorknobs :hitler:

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