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Netflix shows you are watching currently...

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What Netflix shows are you enjoying binging or following nowadays?


i'll start.


Occupied: The Green Party Prime Minister of Norway announces an end to oil and natural gas activities and replacing it with Thorium powered plants to generate electricity for all their needs. The EU which is still dependant on Internal Combustion engines allies with Russia to takeover Norway's hydrocarbon production so that the supplies to EU countries don't stop abruptly. Is the country still independent and sovereign? Or is it under Occupation?




Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: A newly out of work dentist from Seoul decides to open a clinic at a seaside hamlet where she used to holiday with her parents. She meets an intriguing young man there and the rest of the quirky and mildly eccentric residents of the sleepy village. How she handles and adapts to the ways of the languid and picturesque setting and sheds her preconceptions about life, love and happiness forms the bulk of the plot.



Giri/Haji: A visually stunning masterpiece that follows a Yakuza gang-war, two brothers and their family that is torn apart by it, the story unfolds in Japan and London with events in one city turning the other city upside down.




Family Business: A family-run butcher's shop is going under. They listen to a tip about marijuana being legalised in France and decide to start growing weed in their rural barn so they can be an early-starter by turning their butcher's shop into an Amsterdam style cafè. But they government shelves the legislation and they start selling their wildly popular strain through the illegal dealer's network. Hilarious.



Now you go!

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