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IPL Retentions 2022

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The teams who has realized that it is far more difficult to get back key Indian players than Foreign players from the Market at the right price has supposedly done well in the Retentions.


SRH was one of the better managed Franchisees when it came to Retentions and Auctions...But they seems to have lost their way a bit somewhere along the path


Lets see where does this go..

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7 hours ago, putrevus said:

It is ridiculous to imply that players don't care about playing for India . Every good cricketer wants to do well for India.

How do you know? I mean you cannot point at 1 or 2 without evidence but if your life is set and there is no pressures and IPL is the one BCCI and selectors cares about, why would anyone care about international?


You are thrown out of first round of a world cup and no one cares, not fans, not media, not selectors.  Not a single player is sacked


Why would anyone care? Thats not how human nature works 

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