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New Zealand the most undeserving world champs ever?

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Sneaked in the WTC on the back of slow over rate by Oz in MCG, played two tests against the host (nation) of WTC final. Not to mention played pretty much no one of note away & got walloped by Oz like minnows on their last tour! Has there ever been a team less deserving of the World champions title? And then their homie commie Simon Doull always brings up the neutral conditions BS when talking about WTC, Eng is as neutral to India as SL or Bangladesh is to NZ (vs Ind) :laugh:

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That WTC final was just a farce, it was like the ICC/ECB handed over the trophy to them! Now if NZ didn't play Eng before the final I could give them more credit, but that was by far the most unfair "multilateral" finale I've ever seen in cricket :whack2:


These chumps would get slaughtered if we play them anywhere in Asia & probably 7/8 other test nations.

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22 minutes ago, rollingstoned said:

good team but i want to see how they go in a long series in India, england and australia, maybe Saf too. I don't see them from this position for instance competing well in the rest of the matches if this was a 4 or 5 match series which they almost never play.

This is what a likely result would be aquarium from home;

4-0 india or 3 0

4 0 Australia 

They can draw vs england

2-1 or 3-1 saffers


Saffers are terribly underrated. I am extremely worried about our batting vs them. Olivier is back.


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20 minutes ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

Yes they did, but also showed a lot of resilience. Batted almost the entire day 5, not many teams can do that in India. We hardly put up a fight in NZ.

We played without our 6 first xi players. No Shami. No Siraj due to injury. Imagine NZ doing same in NZ playing without Boult, Southee. Without 6 starters.

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