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Apart from the 2 WC’s is there anything to look forward to in Indian cricket?

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2 WC’s- WT20 2022 and WC 2023.

Some minnow/ low-tier bilaterals series at home and of course the IPL which is an acquired taste anyways.


I have 0 interest in the odi series. 

Is there anything to be excited about?


based on the last 2 WC’s have a feeling that’s going to suck as well.



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Just now, Vijy said:

1-1 draw with SL is possible as long as our current middle order performs at this level.

Naah, we have Ashwin Axar Jadeja and Sundar quartet and Rohit should be back as well.


Also, as I said in one of the threads, I am sure that this series loss has sealed the fate of Purane. They won't play the next series unless there are a couple of more injuries just before the series.

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I have zero interest in bilateral ODIs, T20s (including IPL) and even tests at home because touring sides cant play spin to save their lives, so they end up being one sided contests. I pretty much watch/follow cricket only when India tour abroad, so dont think there is anything interesting to look forward to, for at least couple of years, other than 2023 WC of course.

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8 minutes ago, Prabhdeep Singh said:

Well technically there is a Odi WC or T20 WC or WTC Final or Champions trophy every year until 2031.


In the immediate future, 


1Test Vs England at Edgbaston

2022 T20 WC

4 Test Vs Australia at home

2023 WTC Final if India qualify

2023 ODI WC




India should be bashed in that Test in England. Kohli will probably want Rahane and Pujara there too.

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