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Not my job: Virat Kohli refrains from discussing Pujara, Rahane future

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4 hours ago, coffee_rules said:

Arrey yaar , read what you write. You ALSO said,

Kohli, Rahane and Pujara are all placing their best interests ahead of Country India.


The BCCI needs to stop picking them in the squads.”


Now, you read my responses in the context of the boldest part. What has country India’s best interests go to do with the cricketers?


Read what the entire post said. The BCCI is at fault. The comments post that are a reflection.

Gosh I cant believe you cannot grasp this?

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9 hours ago, SRT100 said:



Its Diwail across the globe today.



@Adamantthis is for you!

Retires from test captaincy as the GOAT ASIAN test captain. 

All former and current cricketers calling him the best test captain, Viv Richards hailing him as one of the greatest leaders. 


Koi nahi, your misery will pile up in the coming future when he smashes runs and centuries. 

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