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Not interested in watching Vihari and S Iyer in tests

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4 hours ago, Sunil_narine024 said:

Misbah had multiple gears. Vihari can just grind.

agree that misbah had more gears. misbah's higher gear was rarely used, although he was capable of it. he was primarily a blocker as seen from his Test and ODI SRs.

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21 hours ago, zen said:

They are in the current squad ... First class record, this or that, don't care at this point ... would like to see some exciting batsmen in series versus lesser teams 


Talking about options from the top of the mind recall -> Agarwal, Gill, Sundar, ... 

SO don't watch then.  


Go watch Pakistani test batsmen instead.

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13 hours ago, vayuu1 said:

Every upcoming batters have issue,be it gill ,shaw,whomsoever,their priorities are different ,outside events pe jyada focus hai rather thsn improving game(gill,shaw) or fitness(shaw)


In 2020s, the players will interact differently ... the shelf life is probably also shorter considering the number of games, $$$, bench strength, pressure, and so on 

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23 hours ago, vvvslaxman said:


It is more technical. He may never fix it. He was thoroughly exposed by Starc even with minimal swing. He was all at sea. He is more confident than KL Rahul. That is why he looks very good when conditions don't pose challenge to his technique like he did against NZ in Mumbai Test. 






Agarwal  is good at front foot driving.... that is it. Pushed on the backfoot .....


He was exposed in Aus with 78 odd runs in 6 innings this year. In SA he scored fewer runs than Rahane.... yes Rahane. SA bowled badly on first day of first test and predictably he got a 60 there in an Indian score of 273-3. Then 2 20s and 1 teen and 2 single digits.


Averages 25.65 in 12 tests outside India and has played in Aus, NZ, SA and WI.


He is almost 31 years old. Maybe he can turn it around overseas but .....

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On 1/15/2022 at 10:53 AM, SRT100 said:


Im tired of posters referring to Indian cricketers as mental midgets which is ironic at the highest level.


So what if your 6ft.


Im 6ft2, again big deal who cares? In fact the abuse of Indians has never affected me in my life as most people that dont know me, think I am European. However, I dont tolerate or accept Indians being put down in any manner in regards to their physical appearance.


Most Indians I see are at best below average athletically speaking. So to refer to our cricketers as mental midgets is just so rich its not funny. It just reeks of insecurity,


The other irony is that these cricketers are bigger and stronger than the average Indian and the average Indian that posts on here. lol

Calm down :hysterical:

No one is calling Sachin a midget here. 


SRT fans are so frustrated by the word midget that they lose their mind whenever they come across it. 


BTW he called Mayank a mental midget not a physical midget with no personality and physique unlike some others. 


Ye banda 4 paragraph likh deta hai jab bhi midget word dikhe ise. :hysterical::hysterical:

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1 hour ago, SRT100 said:

Kohli is dead and youre bitter. I love it. Thanks for the lols today.


I didnt even read any part of your message, as I know youre desperate to say something but know deep down the king's reign has  come to sudden end and are miserable for it.


In India they execute terrorists, but the BCCI decided to do the execution in South Africa. lol.



Calm down, 

No one is calling Sachin a midget here. 

He is not the only one. 

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5 hours ago, Pollack said:

But Pujara fanboys calling Iyer and Vihari boring is funny


On 1/15/2022 at 1:02 PM, kohli said:

According to pujara fanboy, iyer & vihari is not exciting batsman.:giggle:


7 hours ago, Adamant said:

This guy loves Pujara and doesn't find Iyer exciting. 


Compared to Pujara's batting  I was more excited by the contents of my handkerchief, the last time I blew my nose. 

Good to see posters I do not even know exist, know so much about me 

mosquitoes buzzing … 

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On 1/15/2022 at 3:43 PM, Vijy said:

No Agarwal overseas. And in Ind, Shaw can score nearly same number of runs provided that pitch is not a bunsen. We need to identify 2 good openers since KLR would be better off at 3.

Shaw is a good option too. Need to see how he has improved his game versus swing and fielding 

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13 minutes ago, zen said:



Good to see posters I do not even know exist, know so much about me 

mosquitoes buzzing … 

I don't have amnesia, I definitely remember you. 

For me you exist and I have conversed a lot with you, don't care if you know whether I exist or not. 

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