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PREDICT Kohli's batting performance post captaincy. Is retirement from cricket coming soon too ?

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I am willing to bet that his retirement from cricket is coming pretty soon. Maybe after a disastrous outing in the 2023 home WC, after which he will be dropped.


I think he is going to retire from all cricket sometime next year or early 2024, going out after a spate of performances that are like Rahane's. 



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19 minutes ago, Vancouver said:

Well he is 33 so it's not hard to guess that retirement is max 2-3 years away.


Nothing is obvious. 


The greats of the era that has just gone by - Sangakkara, Ponting, Tendulkar - played till 38,39 and even nearing 40.


Kohli has the fitness to play for many years.

( if only selection was based on fitness ) 


His dip in form is irreversible and will only further regress from here. He has not been batting consistently for atleast 2 years if not more. Don’t Know any other batsman that has done that and picked up a peak batting form. Plus what has happened now - he is mentally just not there. 


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The reason behind Kohli’s batting slump isn’t the burden of captaincy or anything, it’s because of his flawed batting technique. For some reason he has turned into a front foot merchant these days and pretty much completely lost his back-foot Play ability. Add to this his inability to sweep/use his feet against the left arm spinners and you can understand why his shot making appears so limited. This is the exact reason why opponents who are disciplined enough are able to keep him quiet with that outside off-stump line: because they know that his only response to that line, no matter the length, is to either leave the ball or flash his bat at it. Pretty much everybody’s figured it out by now that if you can sustain a line out side off for him for a long time he will eventually get out caught behind nicking one. For this reason I don’t expect any turnaround in Kohli’s luck unless he swallows his ego and makes a few drastic changes to his technique

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I think he'll still have relative success in ODIs compared to his own performances in tests. He's wristy enough to nudge singles, the pitches are flat, and the fields aren't attacking enough. All of this means he'll have middling returns in ODIs.


Of course, this means the team will suffer because Kohli will strictly play for himself now, much like Dhoni did post 2015 till his retirement. If the team carries him the way they did with Dhoni, then it's bound to tank our 2023 campaign.

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Its all upon him, if he's mentally accepting the present and future he can be in top 5-10 batsmen for some years. There's enough guidance available from India's batting prowess from earlier generations including the current head coach. His fitness should keep him going and its all a matter of focus on the right goals, be it working with the new captain and the other batsmen or spending time in nets vs gym. 


His businesses will also benefit from his batting performances, hope he sees it that way.

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4 hours ago, RajBan said:

Kohli will remain an average batsman for the rest of the career. He has lost the hunger, still into ego/politicking mode and don't exhibit any  humility  and guts to get back to his best. I expect Kohli to completely move out of cricket  as he won't be able to make his way into adminstration or management.

Politics ?

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