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Top 10 worst moments of Indian cricket since 2011 wc win.

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Excluding losses to Pakistan or ICC knockouts because at the end of the day it’s a game. One team wins, one loses.


Excluding  tragic and unfortunate incidents 

There are probably a lot more but here are the standouts 


Here is my top 10 in no particular ranking

Dhoni trundling at Lords on the first day of a test match after Zak’s injury. Too many moments from the tour but this right there was the beginning of the end for MSD the captain for me.


Wicket keeper standing up to the stumps yesterday for 3 out of the 4 seamers was insulting.


Dhoni-Jadhav partnership during the England match.

Dhoni getting booed in Lords during second odi -2018. It wasn’t the tuk tuk but the way he was blocking as a FU to the fans at the stadium.


Indian team management (Virat,Shastri, Rohit whoever) deciding to postpone the England series after gaining momentum and leading 2-1

Kumble’s exit. Don’t care for Kumble the coach but there was something very dirty about  the it happened.


Sachin’s 100th 100. I personally feel had SRT retired with 99 100’s it would make for a great story like Bradman’s average  than the 100th 100 which came in a loss to Bangladesh of all teams. I have no problem in losing the game itself because as I said wins-losses happen and Bangladesh is not bad in ODIs in Asian pitches. However the way Indian media celebrated it ignoring the loss itself left a bitter taste in my mouth on the sporting culture of this country. Now had they celebrated his 100 100’s after retirement that would have been ok but the timing didn’t sit right.


The irony of the word process: Karun Nair gets dropped, Kuldeep not only is dropped but looks like his career is over, Vijay Shankar and Dube aren’t even in the scheme of things, Shaw (I agree has some issues but still a great talent) has 2 bad games and isn’t even a backup. Now on the other end Pujara,Rahane,Pandya, Rahul etc keep getting a zillion opportunities and keep walking in and out of the side even when they are half-fit. Leeches in Batting coach and fielding coach positions have 0 accountability despite debacle after debacle. What process is this and what the hell are they talking about ?

Virat-Rohit-Ashwin-Dada hate story. Never imagined Pakistan type  off field drama in Indian cricket. Never thought off field drama would be more entertaining than the on field action. For years we have been entertained by our padosis and I am sure it  will continue forever but now the crap is in our house.


IPL broadcast and structure shows lack  of respect for the cricket fan and lack of innovation/ out of the box thinking. Terrible broadcast and viewing experience :  For being the richest cricket board in the world, not a single innovation. SA gave us third umpire, Aus gave us stump mic, spider cam and different broadcasting technologies, England well gave us cricket obviously  but they invented T20, good or bad trying out the hundred which may not gain traction but some innovations will definitely translate to the other formats. A for effort. However we are still stuck with the jumping jhapaak and silly puns in Hindi commentary by either Gaurav Kapur or the million other jocks who sound like him, Ashish Nehra,Sehwag etc. the English commentary isn’t any better. We have to wait for someone else to come up with something  refreshing before the IPL adopts it. The fact that they think the common cricket lover loves these things is a big insult to what these douchebags think about us.

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25 minutes ago, maniac said:

Yep that should definitely be considered. I have seen Indian cricketers laugh and have a good time with Pakistani cricketers many times before and I always only had a positive reaction but man that moment hurt. 



Aisay aur din aye gay, koi baat nahi

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8-0 and 2-1 loss to england nothing beats that,ct 17 was a loss of one day,wt20 loss was of one day,but 8-0 and 2-1 was pure torture,heck in 8-0 it was so torturous that i'd given up on indian cricket,seeing the like of pk and vk getting smashed and the abject surrender of whole team,the cooks and the clarkes piling on misery ,the pattinsons the hilfenhaus's,the siddle's,the anderson's,the broad's,the bresnon's running riots ,forget about teletubbies bet even their mom would have put better fight than our team,to get dismissed for 200and allowing opponent to score 700 ,to let a batsman score double and triple in same series was plain and simple disaster,the likes of vinay kumar getting smashed by warner ,charging at him at perth for a six,summed up everything wrong,yes sa loss hurt,but atleast we were in game in all 3 matches,in 2-1 more than kp and cook it was swann and monty who hurt us more .

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Three biggest decisions


Supreme Court appointed bunch of jokers called CoA taking over Indian cricket. Those 3 years of disruption in the name of honesty have set our cricket back by a few years


Dhoni not getting sacked as captain despite 0-8 drubbing within 7-8 months


Kumble getting sacked despite the CAC of Sachin, Dada and VVS backing him



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0-8 loss to Aus, England and we kept playing the same team again and again. No changes and other players in the squad were just serving drinks and watching the failed guys keep failing. Nothing has changed since as we have seen in the recent Pujara-Kohli-Rahane long rope. 


Choking in WTC final when a draw was easily achievable since one full day was washed out. 


Dhoni plodding in multiple games and getting away with it consistently.

54 (114) against a dilapidated WI team chasing a low target and still losing

Plodding in WC semi final when Jadeja of all people was able to score fast

With Jadhav in that game and what's worse? Jadhav gets dropped and Dhoni gets away scotfree.



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