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Help!!! Losing interest in cricket.

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2 hours ago, Vijy said:

would be good to allow for occasional beamers too. Most people didn't see WI pacers in their pomp, but a large part of what made them deadly was not just pace, accuracy, bounce but also unlimited bouncers and lenient laws regarding beamers.

I think beamers should be allowed tbh. At 150 clicks I guess we would probably get out clock's cleaned out. hey that's the nature of the game. that's fine. No beamers due to safety reasons. But bouncers should be unlimited. Also spinners should be allowed to Chuck. No easy soft runs. Make the game spicy. 


Then you will see pakistam come up with hyper extended chuckmal esque chuckers rofl. Will be hilarious to see Aussies and co rolled out for under 100. 

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Take a break. Come back when the T20 WC is around. 


I took a complete break from cricket during 2010-15, when I was in college. Didn't even knew that IND won the CT 2013 or got whitewashed 0-8 until 2015.


Was so uninterested in cricket during that phase that I low-key wished India to lose the WC'11 final just so the guys in my hostel could shut up! 




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On 3/23/2022 at 3:09 AM, AuxiliA said:


Agree, way too many formats and leagues right now. 


Ideally they they should bin the ODI format. It doesn't have the legacy of tests nor the commercial aspects of T20s. Most boring format to watch right now imo. Only problem is that the most popular and prestigious event of cricket is played in the ODI format. 

Even WC is losing its charm I feel.

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Not surprising when you have to watch garbage like Pujara and Rahane failing for years and the corpse of Kohli being artificially kept alive.


The problem with cricket is it has a high toleration for mediocrity as the talent pool is very shallow. There simply are not enough good teams and players to sustain a sport with several flawed formats.


The test series being played currently are almost on their own killing off any interest in cricket. 

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Just my honest opinion, I find test cricket boring unless played in SENA countries. Because in India, we always prepare rank turners and visitors dont know how to play spin to save their lives, so they end up as boring, one sided contests with Ashwin, Jaddu picking 5-fers for fun. Pakistan pitches for test cricket are some of the worst I've seen and they tend to be highways where teams score 600 easily.


Even in 2005, when India toured Pakistan, we played on some of the flattest patta wickets I've seen. Sehwag and Dravid opened the innings in a test and they scored 400 odd for no loss IIRC.  Bilateral ODIs, T20s have lost their relevance quite some time ago. Unless we have a World T20 or World Cup, or a foreign tour in SENA countries (I personally loved Ind vs SA test series) , cricket will generally seem to be boring.

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Unlike American professional sport like the NBA, NFL,.MLB etc, cricket doesn't have a season start, ending and break. Even in tennis, there is a 3 month break after the US Open before the Australian open begin. In cricket, the action is non stop with series after series, IPL,.etc with no meaningful break for fans to cool off and look forward to the beginning of the next season. This can lead to hamster-wheel type of fatigue and loss of interest in the game. 

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