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A growing list of No.11’s is a concern.

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11 hours ago, maniac said:

There are lot of things about our combo that Is one dimensional 


even bowling slots from what phase they can bowl in.


Thakur: can only bowl middle overs 

Harshal: only middle and a bit risky at death even though has been good.

Chahar: only new ball

Bumrah: middle and death.

Siraj: only new ball again risky at death.

Umran: untested at death and never seen him with new ball.

Nattu: only good at middle/ death

Khaleel: stronger with new ball

Avesh: better at death.


I notice similar pattern with our spinners too.


  • Thakur - needs conditions and Aus wud suit him specially MCG, Gabba , New Perth (may be but i dnt know its ground dimensions) 
  • Harshal- middle-death and death phase is risky for everyone
  • Chahar- New ball but he doesnt give much runs at end so not negative by any means. Also he has this match winning tendancy that when he picks wkts he picks them in bunch running through top orders unlike bhuvi who even on his good days will not pick them in Bunch. Deepak chahar on his day is a runaway match winner 
  • Bumrah- all phase
  • Siraj- all phase ,just having form issues. In 6 months things will change a lot for many 
  • Umran- Middle phase enforcer and an X factor
  • Nattu- All phase now, his new ball bowling this season has improved a lot 
  • Khaleel- Again all phase and if he sticks to his natural length he ll take bucket full fo wkts in Aus 
  • Avesh - doing well in all phase, his length wud also Ideal for Aus 


We are spoilt for choices actually, as far as form is concerned ill always say never go by IPL form for international n as often its proven to be right in very next series. Im actually very optimistic about this T20 Wc

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On 4/29/2022 at 12:25 PM, maniac said:

Impressed with Mohsin’a slogging as well

mohsin can slog, but is still no. 10 or no. 11 level.


we don't have top tier bowlers who can bat at no. 9 let alone no. 7 or no. 8

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On 4/28/2022 at 4:14 AM, maniac said:

We are getting  some exciting future bowling prospects but keep in mind most of them are no.11’s. Neither do they look like great outfielders. How to balance the side will be an issue as well just like having too many keepers or one dimensional batsmen has been recently.


Top tier future prospects- already playing or in the backups 


Prasidh- no 11. Fielding: average.

Umran- no.11??? (Can he slog), fielding: average.

Natarajan- no.11, fielding: just about manageable.

Siraj- no.11, fielding: decent

Avesh Khan- no.11, fielding: poor

Khaleel- no.11, fielding: average.


Kuldeep Sen: ???


Mavi, Nagarkotti were those multi dimensional athletes but alas they are done I guess. I had high hopes for especially Mavi.


Karthik Tyagi I am told is an incredible athlete. I saw an interview with one of RR trainers and he said his athleticism is one of the best in India. High hopes there.


Anyway the solution is not obviously medium pacers who can bat but in the overall scheme of things is this a concern ?


Even in T20 some of the best T20 batters are keepers Samson, Rahul (part time), Pant, Kishen, DK etc. we have 5 keepers in our probables.

Need to keep a track of this too.

You missed Kohli and kishan in the list.


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