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F | GT v RR | Wolf's Den (Amdavad) | May 29th

The Wolves take on the Wild Wild West  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • GT (The Wolves)
    • The Wild Wild West (RR)
  2. 2. Will we see season's first superover?

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  • Poll closed on 05/29/2022 at 01:30 PM

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7 minutes ago, maniac said:

This Miller has become clutch :hatsoff:

anyway safe to say game over. Logging off now 


Congratulations @zen


1 hour ago, coffee_rules said:

Congratulations GT fans and @zen


2 hours ago, SeasonedIPLer said:

Advance congrats @zen 


2 hours ago, bowl_out said:

Great ball.. Game over.. Congrats GT and @zen






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36 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:


There is a reason why he was hidding from these 2 guys who love off spinners. How long you can hide.

Did you see how he reverted to proper bowling in the final over...


All this defensive bowling crap is all fine and dandy but you gotta hace an attacking bowling approach which needs to be used.


Today was a day for attack.


Defensive crap didnt work.


Defensive mindset sooner or later gets exposed.

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Just now, coffee_rules said:

Lucky to get NaMo stadium for the final, and the crowd support but to be fair, they have played well throughout everywhere.  Hope HArdik does the same in WT20 and India wins a ICC trophy finally. But kudos

Not gonna happen unfortunately. Before you get too excited, remember Rohit, Kohli. 

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3 minutes ago, Bigg Brother said:

Batted like phattu after winning the toss first.


And please get rid of that Parag guy from next season,the guy is literally wasting one spot..It is like Playing with 10 guys.

He is 10x better than the useless hack that is DDP.


How can you play with such a lame lineup wheree no one contributes...

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