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Australia tour of Sri Lanka 2022 - Discussion Thread

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16 minutes ago, Lone Wolf said:

Fabulous series win for lankans...  Amazing scenes.  Weirdly  it's their first bilateral ODI series win over Aussies in three decades. 

Hopefully they win the test series as well & do a favor on India. 

SL won a bilateral ODI series against OZ in 2010/11

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19 minutes ago, Nikola said:

Saw a bit of Swepson today and damn he seems quite impressive. Not talking about turn and wickets he got but he has been consistent and getting good drift.


Both top class balls especially the one to De silva. He'll be an unknown commodity so not sure how our guys play him next year. Leggies usually don't trouble us so much so that's a good thing. 

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1 hour ago, Norman said:


They were average against English batters last year. Don't think they have it in them to run through the Aussie lineup. Khawaja, Smith, Marnus are all good players of spin. 

root is better than all 3. he is not as good as smith if the latter was in peak form but he is not. root single handedly bashed the SL spin attack around. I don't think Smith can do that. marnus is likely to be only so-so vs spin if the pitch begins to break up. the big threat is khawaja, but he is a grinder and not an attacker like root.

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