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Jay Shah confirms IPL will be having 2 and a half month window from the next ICC FTP

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On 6/15/2022 at 9:17 PM, raki05 said:

I agree with you on this but regarding Pakistani players its always good to keep them away coz once bcci allow them. These morons will start chest thumping that bcci has to bow down in front of Pakistani talent and as if all revenue bcci generating because of them and who know they might try to pull out a stunt like 2008/9 when they pull out their players to arm twist bcci.

Pakistanis must not be allowed to make money from Indian market. First let them give up jihad BS, then we can consider after monitoring their behavior for 20-30 years, maybe. We know that ain't happening, so just continue facing them in ICC events, Asia Cup etc. and in other sports just the multi-nation tournaments like Olympics, WC, Asia Cup  World League (eg. FIH's pro wallah), Davis Cup etc. 


BC har roz 10-15 terrorists ghused rahe hai via LoC, IB, Nepal, Bangladesh etc, then drugs angle, they are also putting lives of Indian diaspora in Gulf at risk through their propaganda outlets. Cricket toh bahut choti cheez hai in sabke saamne. We are literally dealing with the most evil country on this planet, normal rules do not apply.

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On 6/15/2022 at 9:21 PM, maniac said:

On the flip side, once they see the kind of riches they will think twice before parroting crap on social media.


remember the entire Pakistan locker room was empty when ICl started.


when it’s to our advantage why not? 

A lot of Muslim sportsmen talk about Iraq,Palestine etc but they will never say US or UK is wrong and cut off the hands that feed them, I think we can eventually get to that point. We can use some soft power to go along with the moves our govt has to do.

Imagine we allow them and some of them get healthy bids in the auction. Then another ISI/PakMil sponsored terror attack in JK or one of our metros. How do you think public will react? Unfortunately some of us are too forgiving in nature, also the eternal bane of short memories. Remember the mood here on the day of Uri attack? Or Pulwama? All of us wanted complete ban on anything Pakistani, including sports sites showing Pak scorecard. It is Pak policy to bleed us to death via 1000 cuts, and no matter how brave and intelligent our agencies/forces are, they can't stop 100% terror attacks, even Americans and Russians can't do that, plus we live in a more hostile geographical zone than mighty USA. 


Why should GOI, BCCI, IPL owners risk it? Imagine the backlash if we face another 26/11? Even Modi won't survive his hold on office if something like that were to happen. You see how Bollywood box office is suffering in recent times after the whole nepo thing and SSR case. IPL will face 100x more opposition if it features Pak players and we are in midst of another terror or war like situation. even if that anger lasts only one year the damage will be severe; one IPL season wipeout will set the league back by 10 years, and there won't be any insurance cover to save their asses. 


Western goras always preach that don't mix sports with politics, the Sky hypocrites and Guardian snakes won't stop berating India for not having cricket ties with Pak. Yet Wimbledon is the only slam that banned all Russian/Belarusian players (even those who took public stance against Putin's invasion), entire UK public supporting this decision of theirs. Good precedent for us, next time PakMil pigs conduct a terror attack on Indian soil we must use our clout to remove Pakistan from the cricket map, either ICC puts a blanket ban on PCB or we walk away, that should be our aim. Max we can allow them to compete under a designated ICC flag/logo like in case of Russia in Tokyo Olympics. They shouldn't even be allowed to bring in their flag or sing their anthem, must force that kind of penalty on them. 


Pak establishment literally runs a terror state, look at the roaches involved in killing Hindus in JK last few days, almost all those jihadis have Pak connection, PCB is a political organization, PCB's chief patron is Pak PM, PCB pays tax to their govt, IPL is obliged to share part of revenue with boards to hire services of their contracted players....connect the dots. Only question then is should we finance the killings of our people, our brave soldiers and paramilitary personnel. All for what, a bit extra entertainment (that too marginal, this isn't 90s or 00s Pak cricket team any more) in a league that lasts for 1/6th of the year!!!!!

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Some Pakistanis can't get richer because of this ban, but this minor inconvenience of theirs pales in comparison to what our forces and citizens along the border (and bordering states) face on a daily basis. 


Let ordinary Pak civilians take the initiative, launch dharnas/rallies/strikes to express their opposition to their establishment's terror doctrine. We will welcome that and if it results in a normal bilateral relations (consistent and permanent) next step is that they must compensate all the Indian victims of their jihad policy (maybe a few hundred billion $). Then monitor their 'good behavior' for a few decades, and if they indeed have changed let them get access to Indian market, by the end of the century (perhaps) if they start in right earnest today. 

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On 6/15/2022 at 12:03 AM, SeasonedIPLer said:

2.5 months Is not enough


they should make it football style like EPL and play IPL for 6-8 months of the year and then can throw in other random games or a WC at the end of ipl season


end ODI cricket


use entire differwnt set of players for test cricket


In Western world players from under privileged countries want to willingly stay and work as standard of living is better for them. You can't expect English aussie  z players willing to stay that long in India in heat and stink.

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21 hours ago, maniac said:

:hysterical: England A vs Netherlands and WI vs Bangladesh “international” cricket going on and people say IPL is killing international cricket.


hope people are watching this glued to their TV’s

fact of the matter is that most bilateral int'l cricket is tripe. there are 3-4 competitive teams in each format, and the rest are mediocre.

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