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Sarfaraz Khan

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33 minutes ago, Sean Bradley said:

He has been a beast with the bat and knocking on for a Test Call up for some time now. Could well be a perfect replacement for Pujara as a Test Purist in the future. Should definitely be picked in the next home season. People who think he's unfit, well unfit by T20 standards, but okay for Test Cricket, can be developed as a slip catcher. 

if u can score that amount of runs , fitness shud be ignored. 

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3 hours ago, Majestic said:

It is still an issue going by the standards that is required to find a place in Indian test team. 

Looking at pics, one might reach that conclusion, but I keep coming back to the fact that it hasn't hampered him from piling on the runs at a high avg and fast clip - domination.  So, maybe he has test-endurance and mental strength, but is not an LOI guy.  It can't be easy - mentally and physically - consistently doing what he has done in the sweltering heat of Indian summers.   

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49 minutes ago, nevada said:

Excellent knock under pressure and the context of the game. Hope the selectors stop the fitness obsession and pick him for the test squad. 

selections are anyway inconsistent about so-called fitness. they keep selecting other unfit players (e.g., rohit) and those who have a tendency toward always being injured (e.g., sundar)

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Gem of a knock today, a real gold in today's world of T20 shooperstars who are all about hairstyles, tattoos, ear piercing, advertisements, fake fame etc.


A purist batter, would love to see him in the Indian MO soon. Where is the coach RD when you need him the most ? Can't let this guy fly under the selection radar this time. 

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