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Is it the time to look at a foreign coach/consultant?

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1 minute ago, maniac said:

i like to look at coaches at the ground level. There was a coach forgetting his name (that’s unfortunate) under whom Women’s cricket improved. Similarly Bharat Arun was one of the best coaches we had. Amre-Abhishek Nayar type retired cricketers have helped a lot of international players to find their feet back.


Nehra is good but he seems to be in the Shastri mould, good acumen and a very good man manager but not sure we can judge him on 1 IPL win. Remember he was with RCB as well 2 yrs back when they failed to qualify.


The names that you mentioned may have done well on some particular aspect of cricket like batting or bowling ... However, here I am talking more about the head coach or consultant to coaches esp. for LOIs


As for Nehra, he could have developed now. For the head coach, I am not looking at someone who can develop cricketers (for that purpose, a team can have batting, bowling, & fielding coaches) but someone who influences strategies and tactics, along with good player management including motivation ...  Like I mentioned in the OP, he should start out as the assistant head coach, while someone like Hussain, who used limited resources in England during his time, or even Morgan, who is a modern player with a track record of driving change, given a go!



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