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Is it the time to look at a foreign coach/consultant?

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2 hours ago, Ajju said:

Eion Morgan

no one can match him

You got correct name but wrong job 


If BCCI made him Managing Director of White Ball Cricket with responsibility for selectors , coaching and back up team India would be winners, very quickly  but it's not ever going to happen . Men in  BCCI will never give away that power  and certain players wouldn't stand for it because they know they would be made accountable .

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11 hours ago, express bowling said:


We can think anything we like 


Indian cricket is now all about protecting the super stars and chamchas of superstars and elongating their careers as long as possible  



even for 2026 WC T20 we will see Brat

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2 hours ago, SRT100 said:

Not just foreign coach, I want a foreign team management and selection committee.


At least in selecting the playing XI.


This would revolutionize and change India overnight.


@express bowling@Vijy@raki05@vvvslaxman

Might as well want phorain players. 

Jokes apart only foreign coach is enough. Selectors obviously would be local. Support staff can be anyone qualified (local or phorain)

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Why not Chandrikant Pandit ? . He proved himself  by winning so my accolades in Ranji Trophy . I am not sure why a known cricketer has to be head coach in india . Put other bright candidates such as Abishek Nayer , Pravin amre , kaif , Nehra or Irfan as well as foreign fitness and fielding coaches . 


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