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Rohit’s captaincy watch

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13 hours ago, R!TTER said:

Kohli has ATG numbers with the bat in WT20, middling numbers in CT & dreadful numbers in WC overall. 

Middling numbers in CT? 

Stats dekho phir bolo, also high scored in finals and semifinals on ct 13-.

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On 7/9/2022 at 10:20 AM, R!TTER said:

Calm or not if doesn't perform with the bat we don't win *ing anything under him either! When was the last time you saw a team carry a passenger captain in the entire (ICC) tournament?


I'm no fan of Kohli but ffs he was demolishing sides in bilaterals as well, heck he was the bilateral king with his bat till 2018-19 :om:


RGS has to improve his output with the bat or else we'll do worse than the last two major tournaments!

And wasn't rgs demolishing everything including world cups and all non t20 tournaments..where does rg not performing come from..he has been in form for a long long time

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