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Cricket Twitter message/memes

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He is actually one of the most biggest people in India' date=' popularity extends beyond cricket. Genuine celebrity. :two_thumbs_up:[/quote'] Maybe because while rest of them have been busy playing cricket for the country, Sree has been cooling his heels and spending more time on Twitter than on the cricket field! :winky:
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Bumble v Indian fans just visited david lloyd's twitter page and it's full of abusive/mocking comments at him from indian fans. for people visiting from other countries, they don't give a pretty picture of indians at all. https://twitter.com/BumbleCricket this one was particularly diturbing: @lav_93: @BumbleCricket teri maa ki choot.. gaanta tera baap ka... wonder why such reactions come up during an ENG v SA test match.

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wonder why such reactions come up during an ENG v SA test match.
Because many of these people who are frustrated in real life and can't vent out their anger take full advantage of anonymity and do what they couldn't do in front of a person. Another reason is that they don't care much about online presence. I mean I doubt that there would be many people who can abuse an old man on face. But online they don't really think about it or they can't feel it.
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Bumble isn't less in "attracting" such ire. @BumbleCricket Swann has bowled 52 overs without a wicket now, shocking statistic that #ENGvsSA Expand Reply Retweet Favorite 3h David 'Bumble' Lloyd ‏@BumbleCricket @pandey_nakul how it goes sometimes . Take Harbajhan at Lords last year 0-152 Why should Bumble drag Harbhajan in this? :idunno:

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