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Commonwealth Games 2022


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16 minutes ago, rollingstoned said:

Kidambi has misjudged a few balls that he thought will go out but didn't. Hope he still makes it to the final but I expect Sen to beat him. Guy looks very talented 

He lost and pretty easily in the end :((

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1 minute ago, rollingstoned said:

So the ladies also lose the doubles match to Malaysia. 

Expected. This pair of Malysians  is very good. Seed 1. Jolly and Pulela are new to the scene hope they will win bronze and start something special.

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Superb game by English pair Lane and Vandy to reach Finals of mens doubles badminton. I thought they were done after first game but after that they pkayed as if they were on steroids.

They beat Seed 1 Malaysian pair.

Good to see Malaysians losing finally in badminton.:giggle:

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12 minutes ago, Number said:

Hopefully Dadaji still have enough to win us 2 golds today.:hatsoff::giggle:

2-1 down now, it would be a shame in losing to England in TT but they look the better team so far, need to put them under more pressure to have any chance 

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14 minutes ago, Number said:

Silver :((

I don't think we are close or even in same zipcode to winning a single medal in Table Tennis in Olympics in any field. 


We swept many of the tt medals last CWG. But weren't close during the Asian games that followed. Other East Asian nations are also very good at it. 

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