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Commonwealth Games 2022

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2 hours ago, LordPrabhzy said:

the quality of wrestling in CWG is so bad no wonder indians are dominating- Golds should be like change for them. No wonder the gora countries want to stop wrestling in future editions.


We need to ensure we are now competing with Russians, USA and Central Asian countries as equals in Olympics


Yes. No Iranis, no Uzbeks or Kazakhs, No Russians, No US.

But to be fair Deepak, Bajrang, and Ravi are very very good wrestlers and have proved themselves at Asian championships, world championships and Olympics.

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36 minutes ago, LordPrabhzy said:

GOLD for Dipak Punia!

This guy is technically very good and a very bright prospect but keeps the spectators always on edge with his close matches....in Olympics, he was seconds away from a medal...if he is only going to defend at the end stages of the match, better have a bigger lead than 1-2-3 points.

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