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Commonwealth Games 2022


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1 minute ago, neel roy said:

We are pretty bad at handling pressure. Simple. Also these teams have special penalty coaches. We dont 


The change from penalty strokes to a shoot out was done on 2010 right? another one of those pointless rule changes to give western teams an advantage..

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16 hours ago, Tattieboy said:

I go to watch England women's cricket team a lot , only thing that matters is they kick your butts tomorrow :--D to be fair India are doing at the games and getting better in more sports every games . 

Commiserations Sir! :eviltongue:England came tantalizingly close. It was a great match

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12 minutes ago, LordPrabhzy said:


Will you be cheering on India against the Aussies? :p


I have given up on bash bash bash men's cricket and I travel down to England to watch the women's games , it's more like the cricket I played . Some of it is still poor but some of it is very good , as long as you think this is womens cricket and in no way to be judged against men's . Give it 10 years of more full time players and should be a good standard . 

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21 hours ago, randomGuy said:

3000 m steeple chase was unbelievable freaking, amazing by the Indian, I could not believe my eyes we may have got our second Neeraj Chopra


21 hours ago, rollingstoned said:

Indeed, box office stuff. It went all the way down to the wire. We seem to be doing okay in track and field. 


21 hours ago, randomGuy said:

Indeed that was the moment of the tournament as an Indian for me...


Indeed. The toughest medal earned. Kenyans have sweedped podium im this event since 1988. Amazing to see an Indian coming close to beat them.


Interestingly Sable served as a soldier at Siachen 9 years ago. Tough guy really:hatsoff:

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