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Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022 - Women's T20I Competition (29 Jul- 07 Aug)

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3 minutes ago, AuxiliA said:

Indian team does have some incredibly talented match winners but they lack in fitness, fielding and general professionalism.


The Australian team is miles ahead in these things, not so much in skillset. 

Sums about right...  Though I think they manage the skill level in batting but there is a lot of disparity in bowling.  I have not seen a 19yo Indian Pacer as fit & as quick as Darcie Brown.  It's not a level playing field. 

Although Aussies manage to trump other string sides like England on sheer skill. 

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2 hours ago, Chakdephatte said:


Isn't it a part of West Indies?

There's no West Indies in the first place...  Carribean is full of Independent small nations...  Trinidad Guyana Dominica Jamaica,  St.  Kitts & Nevis (next T20I happening these)  etc

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