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Horses for courses : Drop Kohli from T20s and play Hooda/Pant

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1 hour ago, SRT100 said:

Where are all the Kohli fanboy clowns???


These bitches need an arse kicking.

Another Kohli failure.


We should keep tally of his failures for the next 6 T20I in India. So far he is 1/1 strike rate of failing.


Clown Kohli also had the worst strike rate of any batsmen in yesterday's match for any player that batted.



I realized some time back that we just don't have the combination and the team to win this wc, back to front there's something uninspiring about the whole group.  I will take whatever positives we can get from the campaign in that case. unless the tournament is a toss based lottery like the last wc which this one won't be.

Sad thing is as things stand we actually do need Kohli to stand up and contribute, sky/Hooda/Samson/dk etc wont do jack when the heat is on. 

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