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Bhuvi's Wife Smashes Haters on Instagram

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2 hours ago, Number said:

To a point I feel for Bhuvi. An honest trier and seems to be very humble and hard working guy who made best of his abilities. 

However if there isn't going to be good swing then he is better left out of XI.

I like Bhuvi, he seems like a nice guy. But at his age and fitness level, he is not starter material and is a condition specific bowler at best. 

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4 hours ago, puneet28 said:

She should see this first. There has been no hate towards Bhuvi. He is being criticised because he is bad


like these stats..see bhuvi and harshal... BHuvi-13 Sixes in 27 overs  and for harshal 11 sixes in 14 overs..its like he gets hit for a 6 in nearly all his overs. why is he in the team???

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7 hours ago, Number said:


Helped us win one game against Pakistan when the pitch assisted. 

Bowled well first 2 overs against SL.


His 2 19th overs were bad, really bad other than that he didn't do badly in Asia cup I would say.

I am not saying a he is a great bowler or anything but saying he doesn't get criticised only because of his image is not fair. He has some decent performances too.

You need wkt takers at any point of time you can't play such one dimensional players who play as your main bowler and can only bowl upfront. He doesn't deserve place in the team as him and chahal are useless in other 2 department and inspite of being main bowlers you have to hide them like part timers who can only bowl at certain time otherwise they have no use.

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Unless it's not a personal attack, I feel no reason for her wife to start cribbing on SM.

Bhuvi maybe her husband, but he is a national cricketer first, who represents 125-130 Crore population of India. It's a big burden but still he need to understand that Sachin handled expectations which were a lot more than Bhuvi could imagine dream of.

Those people who will give the excuse of SM presence, need to understand how fans used to behave before the SM era. Now a days few day of SM block can pause these noises.







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Our fans do get personal many times and even cross their limit. People should only criticize players on their own profile handle and not involve family. If he is performing bad i will say it's selectors and team management's mistake to pick him again and again. We are not winning worldcup so atleast give chance to players like umran, shaw, gill who can learn and are our future.

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I feel families should stay out of this. 

Unless someone is abusing the family,they should stay away from  reacting .He is not a child and he can make his point if he needs to.


We have a tradition of fathers,mothers reacting....now wives have started too.


Bhuvi has rarely been targetted personally . He has a lot of goodwill amongst fans and critics.

Criticism of performance is good and it should neither rile up a player nor the family. Unless something personal was said by someone...this looks like an unnecessay overreaction.

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9 hours ago, Lord said:


Harshal :facepalm:


Shami is dropped because hes bad in death but this death specialist is giving 11 runs an over :facepalm:


Today 32 in 2 overs 

Ya some expert was saying Shami is bad when he just played 17 mat he's entire career. The expert was also saying he is bad in aus whereas he just played one match there. Compare it to Avesh and This Jhantail these guys have played as many matches as Shami in one year and look at their economy. These 2 were most fav of Jholadharis along with Bhuvi and chahal. I mean how can someone be so moron to prefer these halwa ghatiya bowler to Shami and other potentials that too for AUS T20 wc.

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10 hours ago, Lord said:


Harshal :facepalm:


Shami is dropped because hes bad in death but this death specialist is giving 11 runs an over :facepalm:


Today 32 in 2 overs 

Harshal has the potential to concede 20+ runs/over consistently

Not far away from conceding 80+ runs from his quota

"Bigger grounds" anyway don't matter,if your deliveries sit up nicely to hitters these days,he was alway a big no in Australia,so is out of sorts Bhuvi


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