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King Kohli


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As I said else where


The thing about this match was the fact that 160 was not a huge total to chase, this kind of chase is built for Virat. Tricky pitch and good bowling but has time to get his eye in




Those who were calling for him to be left out were doing so on the basis that he doesn't and never had the ability to hit off from ball one. That's where the game is going, when On flat pitches and that is still potentially an issue. 

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The biggest thing yesterday with Kohli was he was picking the slower ones easily.  Earlier, he's had difficulty where he goes through with the shot on slower ones and mistimes it. (last t20wc against Pak towards the end).So Pak pacers were over relying on slower ones.) Was great to see Kohli picking them.


For Kohli to produce an innings like yesterday,everything was setup for Kohli, early collapse, against Pakistan, slow start at the beginning, rebuilding the partnership with someone like Pandya and once set, going for it in the last 3-4 overs.  This is where picking the slower ones and placement were crucial.

Had all the right ingredients for a Kohli perfect storm.  He was able to start slowly and then launch towards the end.  If and buts, but it was legendary knock and will go down in the books as one of the greatest matches.


Fans should enjoy this innings but also realize that for the perfect storm to take place again, many things have to fall in place.

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On 10/23/2022 at 5:34 PM, Mariyam said:

This innings is the Haj equivalent of batting.


Pehle kiye hue saare gunah/poor innings maaf.

Kaunse Gunaah kiye yaar ? Har T20 WC mein run banata hai, despite not being opener. & Rohit Sharma gets free pass for 80 runs in entire wc

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