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Are betting and fantasy apps the reason there is too much cricket?


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The only profit making gaming league is Dream 11 which also faced year to year decline of some 50% with the expenses going towards the sponsoring, advertisements and marketing.


The reason for increase in the amount of cricket has been the leagues, where the franchises owner are making more money and it has been like gold rush. Also the changes in ICC revenue sharing model has impacted BCCI and ECB badly compared to previous model which means they want to play more and more cricket to make the cut-out money.


Every board  now has their own leagues, and they have such a revenue sharing model that they will always be in profit and making big bucks and this may mean to just  keeping franchises up-float this is happening in PSL where team owners are asking for bigger share and PCB is refusing the request. Most franchises are barely making any money but Boards are. franchises owners are making money outside their balance sheets.


And to add to this quick paced ICC trophy/Cups/events cycle also means more and more cricket will be played to qualify for the event. 

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Betting and fantasy apps are not necessarily the reason for the excessive cricket craze, but they can be a contributing factor. Cricket is a popular sport around the world, and the rise of betting and fantasy apps has made it easier for fans to engage in the sport and follow their favorite teams and players. Some experts argue that the emphasis on quantity rather than quality in cricket has led to an oversaturation of the sport, with too many matches and tournaments being played every year. This can lead to a decrease in the quality of the sport as players are forced to play more matches and experience more physical and mental stress. Personally, my team and I benefit from this because we are in the cricket betting business. We started our way with https://mostbet-ar.net/login/ , there is a very cool description of all the initial steps for beginners.

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Betting and fantasy apps have indeed contributed to the popularity of cricket by providing easy access to matches and allowing fans to engage with the sport in new ways. Platforms like Lords Exchange offer a wide range of sports including cricket, football, tennis, hockey, and online casino games. With user-friendly interfaces and various promotions and bonuses, these platforms attract more users, thus increasing the demand for cricket and other sports events.

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Cricket has always been popular, especially during the World Cup and IPL seasons when the hype reaches its peak. While betting sites and apps add to the excitement of the game, it's essential to bet responsibly. Many individuals end up losing money during these cricket seasons. It's crucial to remember that there are numerous scammers, both online and offline, who may take your money for bets and fail to provide the winning amount. Therefore, it's important to take necessary precautions if you decide to bet.


Opt for reliable websites like Khelosports if you're interested in online cricket betting or any other sports. Khelosports is a highly secure platform with an easy deposit and withdrawal process. Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn money with Khelosports.

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