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Indian Cricket Fans

Opinion: Kerala/Bengal obsession with Argentina/Brazil is more cringeworthy than Pakistan's obsession with Turkey


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On 12/21/2022 at 7:33 PM, ravishingravi said:

One thing is for sure. Sports are an opium for masses. And this becomes so apparent in Kolkata. A city crashing down by the day with flailing infrastructure, filth and poverty galore. But they are delirious because Argentina won. 


There is a reason why Roman Empire had more gladiator combats especially when Empire was descending. 

kolkata is in free fall. it will soon become even worse

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On 12/21/2022 at 1:38 AM, Ranvir said:

Following Argentina is one thing, putting flags up of a nation you have no connection to is strange, some crazy fans in India and Bangladesh even painted their face in Argentina colours. 

I was supporting Argentina due to the Messi factor and in the past due to Maradona but never would I do any of the above. 



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