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Rishabh Pant injured after his car collides with divider on Delhi-Dehradun highway


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23 minutes ago, Frustrated said:

Had there been a third party injury/death or property damage , he would hv faced legal consequences.   But that's not the case here.   So, he should escape luckily.  

There is property damage for sure. Divider plus may be more

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5 minutes ago, zen said:

That would come under drowsy or tired driving. However, there are no laws against that if I am not wrong. 

One can be charged for the damage caused due to the consequence of tired driving (as it would be the case even if you are not tired). 

Yes, it is better to be proactive and not drive when tired. Unfortunately, it is far too common. 


speed can be checked too. It has caused public property damage.

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18 minutes ago, zen said:

Can some genius explain how is it considered rash driving?  From the reports, wasn’t he driving on a highway, where vehicles are not expected to drive slowly? Was he drunk? 




Most Indian highways aren't built for very high speed. You always have to be on the lookout for random pot holes, stray cattles or dogs, etc. Pant apparently was speeding more than he could handle. 


Anyways road accidents happen quite often. Pant should not be blamed for it, I don't think so he was drunk. Fortunately it wasn't too serious for him and no one else got injured. 

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3 hours ago, vvvslaxman said:

He could have been picked for the SL series. He would not have gone. He went there for "strength and conditioning". What a dreadful irony.  Is it because of sanju samson fan club?


:facepalm:Shocking comment. Accident can happen anytime.

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3 minutes ago, SM2907 said:


Even if the damage is covered by insurance the UP Gov can file a case for reckless driving.

So? Pant would have his lawyers to present his case. 

The priority here is that Pant recovers well. Other things can be sorted out.

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58 minutes ago, SM2907 said:


Even if the damage is covered by insurance the UP Gov can file a case for reckless driving.

Yes it will Be filed. He will get a notice and as per law he ll have to pay a penalty which he ll pay. His license will get an endorsement. Ab Khush. Now lets pray he gets well soon.

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