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RRR Creates History at golden globes


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On 3/15/2023 at 4:57 PM, Tillu said:

Actually what got the attention was the song's Anti colonialist, anti classist and anti racist themes which aligned with the current political thought in the US. The song being shot in front of Ukrainian Presidential Palace also earned a few extra points. Coming to the song, this is not even Keeravani's best work. The Bahubali series was his best work. I thought it would get the national award for the best music director but it didnt.  But here he got the Oscar for a mid level song. Though the song is mid the dance choreography was pretty good. The best Choreo in the last few years IMO which certainly helped. Jai Ho would'nt even figure in AR Rahman's top 50 songs but he got an award for it. Same is the case here.


This is like a reading a Peepee post where bragging goes on how they brought down the Soviet Union.

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