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Hockey World Cup 2023- India


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10 hours ago, LordPrabhzy said:

It’s all well spending 1000s of crores on stadiums and international events in one state but if investment isn’t made at grassroots levels all across the country to adapt to the fast paced modern hockey on Astros then all we are doing is providing fantastic facilities and stadiums for the European teams to thrash us in front of the home crowd and have nothing to show for it

Firstly we need a cultural shift. Parents are to blame.

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4 hours ago, LordPrabhzy said:

they had a mixed tournament- got thrashed by Australia and Belgium but they beat England and Germany


Wont say we got thrashed by Belgium. Infact we were leading in good part of the game. Belgium got lead in last quarter then we took out our goalkeeper and they scored 2 more in dying moments.

Aus though yeah thrashed us badly like most of the times.

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