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Hockey World Cup 2023- India


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Good game, fair result, 0-0 is a rarity in the modern game, both sides had enough chances to score. 


Good result for us, think we should top the group any way, hope we peak in the KOs unlike cricket team. 


PS- Harmanpreet's form is a concern. Hope Hardik is OK. 

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Our group was tough because of the form of England and Spain coming in. 2 tough games for us to start the campaign.


Lot of tasty encounters this week


Australia-Argentina tomorrow

Netherlands-NZ tomorrow

Belgium-Germany on Tuesday



Crossovers next weekend



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4 minutes ago, putrevus said:

The stadium looks wonderful.I am both happy and sad.Sad that Hockey has gone away from main cities and happy that it is thriving in smaller cities.

It will come back, trend won't take long to change if it has to. Indians will take more interest in whatever sports we excel at, especially one in which historically we have been quite decent. 

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42 minutes ago, Gollum said:

Our game against Wales is after the Spain-England one. So we should know exact goal difference needed to top the group in case England beats Spain.


Though I fancy Spain's chances in that game, could end up in a draw thus favoring us. 

If spain wins ( they coming back to form) or draws with england and india beat wales ( which india will)  india in quarters simple. 

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On 1/14/2023 at 9:39 AM, Lone Wolf said:

Unfortunately Punjab despite everything has a extremely poor industrial base...  Would love to see things change but doesn't look like happening. 

Good to see ODISHA being the hub of Indian hockey.  If game spreads there it would be pretty awesome.  Odia folks are naturally well built & warlike.  Modern Sinhalese in SL are direct descendants from Odisha. 


Punjab was and is still the hub of hockey as far as players go.  Traditionally, more than 50% of the team has always been and is still Punjabi.  That's commendable considering there's cricket, hockey, and soccer,kabbadi, and the emigration.  Kabaddi used to get full stadiums a few years back and quite popular than cricket in rural areas back in the day.  For hockey stadiums and infrastructure, you'd need help from the Centre.  For being the hockey powerhouse, world cup should've been technically held in Punjab and would have had great support as well.

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