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Hockey World Cup 2023- India


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Belgium and Netherlands should top their groups. If Australia finish 2nd and we top our group, our path to final will be so much easier....Aus, Bel, Neth all will be in the other half of the draw and a tasty Aus-Neth QF!!!!!


Germany too is always a tough nut to crack in KOs but Aus, Bel, Neth are just too good for us IMO.

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1 hour ago, Gollum said:

GG, Argentina so so good and 2 minutes away from throwing this WC wide open. Wish Indian team had the self-belief of the Argentinians. This is how Argentina also won gold in Rio Olympics. elite mentality to make up for lack of ability (relatively). 


I think they are tactically very good and don't get outpaced unlike us by Australia. Even England play much better against Australia than India. In CWG SFs this year, England gave Australia a real scare. 

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