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Trundlers Premiere League


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5 hours ago, Suhaan said:

Har franchise me kya tumhe 5-5 ,6-6 quality milenge kya?

Even the franchise are culprit to not select right xis most of the times

Brewis abhi is so new,itna Jada bhi mat bolo

You are reminding me of Vengsarkar,who after India early exit in WC07 said,India doesn't have talent to replace the already present members in senior side,

Few months later,newcomers won the inaugural t20wc,never lose hope,it's a big big nation

Even a single guy from each franchise will make a new xi

It's just people in power are clueless or corrupt

I would have allowed most of the non regulars to uncapped guys to play atleast in The Hundred,Sat20 maybe Big Bash

You will see the difference,IPL brought a welcome change but that's not enough now

Sides are moving forward,we need to keep up with the flow




Exactly ! 


Umran Malik has taken 13 wickets from 7 ODI innings and 11 wickets from 8 T20I innings. This showcases excellent wicket taking ability plus the intimidation factor is there.


But he is generally dropped. 


And then we say we don't have talent and we will never produce a Shoaib. If Shoaib were an Indian, he would probably have been dropped from his state side giving the excuse of his bad behavior ( real reason being that the established batters wouldn't like to face him in the nets ) 


Almost every foreigner is almost pleading for Umran's inclusion in Team India but we are saying, " the faster they come, the faster they go ". 


On our last tour to Australia, when Tyagi was a net bowler, everyone else got to play due to unending injuries but Tyagi did not. Remember McGrath, Clarke and Lee almost pleading for his inclusion. 


And most teams would have given an arm and a leg to have a young batter pool of Gill, Sarfraz, Ruturaj, Jaiswal, Shaw. 


Developing and utilizing the talent we have is the issue. Talent available is fine. 

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At the end of the day, we need to separate IPL from Team India ... In IPL, teams compete to get top talent from both India and overseas. In Team India, selectors can pick any Indian player they want.  If people act like selectors when they are not, they could miss out on enjoying a tournament for what it is! ... Every IPL team has cool players from both India and overseas to follow. 

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6 hours ago, Majestic said:

We are a mediocre cricket nation..we are not good enough.


We can only dream of producing bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar or strong batsman like Andrew Symonds.


All we can do is produce some sasta version of AB de Villiers in form of SKY and then there is Ayush Badoni( who is again sasta version of Brevis).


We will forever be mediocre in quality, superpower in terms of money but mediocre in quality with the face of our league being none other than Pandya and KL Rahul.

No, we are not mediocre. We are not using our resources well but one thing for sure we are not mediocre cricket nation. Infact far from it.

Test cricket- We did very well in test cricket in the world for past 6 years. Two WTC final, 5 year consecutive World No.1 and unbeatable at home.
Yes not perfect, flawed selection & not building for future but still far better than other teams.

White ball Cricket- We underachieved since 2013. No doubt about that. But far from mediocre. We reached KO ( 4 semis and 2 finals) of 6 out of 7 ICC Trophies.
Yes, we fallen short at KO and deserves all critics for that. But mediocre teams don't reach KOs consistently. So, we are doing something right ( and many thing wrongs as well not to win a title).

We did all of the above with the same talent that you are lambasting. We are not short of talent. We are not superior to SENA team but we are also not below them.

You are conveniently comparing white ball superstars like Butler or ABD with Sky or Badoni?? 
Why not compare Gill with upcoming SENA batsman? Brooks? That will be fair comparison.
Jaiswal & Gaikwad are ready for International cricket.
Samson is forever ready. Just need consistent opportunities.
Tilak have shown his talent already.

All the SENA+ WI  players in IPL are "top talent of their country". They are paid millions in IPL so will need to do all heavy duties. 

No point sulking and beat the mediocre rant. Maybe you are disappointed that certain players are getting chances while other warm the benches. But that's how IPL functions. Not everything is fair. The onus is on young players to grab the opportunities.


I too was pessimistic in T20s but I saw Gaikwad, Jaiswal, Gill and Tilak performance in first 5 matches and I feel good . New players will eventually emerge and will get their chances eventually. Till then Rohit, KL, Virat, Pant, Pandya, Bumrah, Shami will be the face of IPL and Indian cricket because they are proven cricketer ( just like any other nation)


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42 minutes ago, deepdynamo said:

Yash thakur is another entrant in trundler factory. Another slow cutter type bowler.

He bowled well whenever he bowled quick, it was his cutters which went for cleaners.
Probably it being a CSK pitch...everyone though to do cutters.

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27 minutes ago, deepdynamo said:

Avesh Trundler Khan received a phanity once again.

So glad these frauds have been getting exposed repeatedly.


Avesh maybe a bad bowler but not a trundler. Touches 145 at times.

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8 minutes ago, express bowling said:

Chahar 20 from 2 overs


If no swing they go for a spin.


Stokes and Deshpande 36 in other two. Without control everything gets smacked

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6 minutes ago, Suhaan said:

Deshpande is extreme case,he was always super erratic

That being said it doesn't warrant trundler fetish with all Indian and domestic sides


No fetish. They take what works best. In Indian conditions, these trundlers work better than fast bowler (unless express). Even if we have some promising fast bowler, they haven't been durable. In last 20 years, we had just 5 durable pacers, 3 of them had to cut down on pace.

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