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Rahane, KL Rahul in India World Test Championship squad

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It’s about time , this forum begins supporting other teams … really really want Australia to win and beat the crap out of this Indian team … I am praying for another 36 a.o … please make it happen …  ipl is tamasha , great entertainment, but shitty selectors don’t know the fing difference .. no wonder this country was colonized for 300 odd years.. always ok with being dominated by some one else .. 

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6 hours ago, Number said:

If selecting SKY in Tests for his T20I form was bad, selectors have gone one step further to select Rahane in WTC squad for his 3-4 IPL innings. :cantstop:

Indian Cricket at the moment is a circus. The clowns running it have no idea of formats.

They are consistent. They picked SKY based on T20 performances. THey are doing the same here with Rahane. Rahane pulled the greatest trick he could do. Got the attention massively with his CSK outings. Trending 3 days on the trot on twitter. Got the attention.   With Iyer out of the picture Hahul was going to replace SKY.   Much like how PUjara got back into the side after B team bullying in county, Rahane got the attention. Now his job is just to get  ahead of KL Rahul.  They do not have any other batsmen in the short list. It makes Rahane's job easier. He is going to flop for sure. 

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14 minutes ago, putrevus said:

How can they select this guy based on couple of IPL knocks.WTF has Rahul done to get back into the team.

SKY's selection for Test series is even worse. They should have experimented some youngsters in that OZ series.           

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1 minute ago, vvvslaxman said:

SKY's selection for Test series is even worse. They should have experimented some youngsters in that OZ series.           

I agree, they should have given guy like Jaiswal a chance.These useless selectors have no vision on future.They recalled Pujara and now Rahane, Ishant is next?


One off test, Jaiswal is lefty would have given a balance to the side too.Who is behind these selections, Dravid ?

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I wonder what is the use of having a selection committee if the plan is to only pick the most experienced players who are still active. I guess the only experienced player missing is Ishant, but Ishant has been semi active. Just let BCCI President name the most experienced players as the squad. Performances don't matter at all. No use of having Ranji Trophy. 

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It looks like Rahane selection has taken focus away from other duds in the team. KL Rahul is of course a prime case, Pujara hasn't done any better either. Kohli also has been struggling, barring that one innings on a flat road. In short, with no Pant in the team, we have no batsmen. Probably only Rohit has some decent Test batting form on his side. 

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1 hour ago, wanted_desi said:

These Pujaras/Rahanes will be called back into Indian team from old age home, when they score these daddy 100s against other old age XI. 

What are the options definitely we don’t have players like Sachin and Kohli in the system.

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Not the worst thing. Rahane is quality, particularly overseas. He had a terrible patch, but seems to have sorted things out a bit. IPL is no benchmark for this, but he seems to be in a good frame of mind, so definitely not a bad call.


I expect Rahane to be in contention for the ODI WC squad at No.4 as well with Shreyas and Pant out.


It is travesty to see KL still being included in any International squad

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