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Ok ICFers, it seems like the auto-embedding feature for tweets has gone kaput. Not an issue from our end as auto-embedding works for every other supported website. Tweets can still be embedded from Twitter and the below screenshots will show you'll how to do it. This method works for other website content as well. 


1. Get the embed code:


Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the tweet. A pop-up showing 'embed tweet' will show up, click on it.



2. Copy the embed code


Click on the blue button.

ss 2.PNG



3. Paste the embed code in the source tab of the post ICF


Click on the 'source' button of your post on ICF. Paste the code and then click the source button again. The tweet will get embedded and you can click 'submit reply'. 


You can carry on typing and then subsequently embed more tweets in this manner.  

 ss 3.PNG


4. Your Tweet is Embedded


This method works on phones and desktop. 


ss 4.PNG

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