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Team management asks for slow pitches for 2023 WC

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Pitches are supposed to be under ICC’s domain but Team India (TM) has requested for slow pitches:


“The Indian team, sources said, requested the BCCI to allot fixtures against Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa to venues that aid spinners. It told the board that it prefers slow pitches as it wants to maximise the so-called home advantage, a trend it has been following over the past few years.”



If this somehow goes through, it could backfire as there are only 7 venues to be used for the tournament iirc. The pitches could get tired quickly resulting in a potentially unwatchable World Cup. 


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Indian cricket esp in India is of the Ashwin for the Axar by the Jadeja.


We need pitches doctored for spin  AND AND AND  we must use the SG ball in India. Using the Kookaburra will not allow the Three Musketeers (Ashwin Axar Jadeja) leeway on those doctored pitches.


We need to open the bowling with Ashwin and Jadeja. Axar and Chahal/Kuldeep the other spinner and a Vijay Shankar type for pace as fifth bowler. Washington Sundar if fit can play as sixth bowler.

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Are slow pitches good for Kuldeep and Axar though? Does that not give batters a lot of time to play and Would our spinners not prefer a bit of zip/bounce? Also turns it into a slog fest which we will never win.

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Not sure if Ind wants spinner friendly pitches, but they would prefer a sub 300 pitch.


As both Rohit and Kolhi have been getting out of the spinners v.often in white ball cricket, they would not want a 300/300+ wkt where Ind team has to play at brisk rate.


Also Ind batting tends to fall short in racking-up above par scores, and Ind bowling also lacks wkt taking abilities or contain runs on a flatter surface so the preference will be sub 300 pitches, where they can play Axar, jadeja both who can play as allrounders on those surfaces.

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2 minutes ago, RajBan said:

But none of the chosen ones such as Kohli, Rohit, KL are good players of spin , atleast not anymore on the performance of last years.

they are not particularly great, period, in the last couple of years

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