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Asia Cup 2023 Could Be Held Without Pak, Men In Green's Participation Also Doubtful For World Cup In India: Report

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So the Asia cup is happening or what? 

Pak playing the victim as always. They are in this sh*thole because of their own doing, and now when teams don't want to deal with that, it's everyone's fault except theirs. All these could have been prevented if their board didn't bring the SL team to be eliminated, literally. 

Please going forward, stop giving PAK hosting rights to these events. BCCI will act upon it and then the whole tournament is up in the air. Host the whole thing in UAE at this point, what's the point of making the other 4 teams travel back and forth to UAE? Makes no sense to me honestly. 

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11 hours ago, wanted_desi said:

Just thinking from logical prospective, there is 2 years difference between 2023 and 2025. Hell, a lot can change in 2 years. How can someone give written assurance to visit any country let along a country which is so close to burning itself to ground. 

Indeed, the situation is really grim.

A major issue in India and Pakistan is the prevalence of shaksiyat-parasti or personality-cults; afflicted people are averse to reason and rational thought in varying degrees.


Chuckte Raho


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The International Cricket Council has got no written assurance from the Pakistan Cricket Board over its national team's participation in the upcoming 2023 World Cup in India even as impasse regarding the Asia Cup continues.

"India coming to Pakistan and Pakistan going to India doesn't depend either on BCCI or PCB. So, PCB can't give any assurance to ICC about its participation in the global event.

"It is the Pakistan government that will give approval just like in case of BCCI, it can only come to PCB subject to government clearance," an ICC board member privy to developments told PTI on Wednesday.

Pakistan are likely to play India in Ahmedabad with bulk of their matches expected to be held in southern India cities like Bengaluru and Chennai.

Meanwhile, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is all but set to shift the Asia Cup to Sri Lanka after most of the member nations decided to reject the 'Hybrid Model' idea floated by PCB chairman Najam Sethi.

According to the proposal, Pakistan would have played all its matches in Pakistan with India playing their games in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

However, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have expressed their reservations about travelling to and fro between Pakistan and UAE should they qualify for the Super Fours.

An ACC source confirmed that if the tournament is shifted to Sri Lanka, Pakistan will not participate in the event.

"Mr Sethi did try to convince the members that 'Hybrid Mode' can be commercially more viable but I can tell you that it is a logistical nightmare for cricketers of other nations travelling between Pakistan and UAE every second day.

"The ACC would request Pakistan to keep their hosting rights but if they don't agree then the continental championship will be a five-team affair," the ACC source added.


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I don't usually follow politics from the Asian countries but today I stumbled upon Imran Khan's recent arrest and how the country has gone bonkers. Fights breaking out, burning/destruction of properties, women getting their arse beat, etc and these morons are fighting to host the Asia Cup in Pakistan? Last time they brought in SL to be executed. This time around, they are trying to execute the whole ACC teams? Insane people man.

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Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Najam Sethi said on Thursday that India’s refusal to travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup would impact the forthcoming ICC events in the region. Agreeing to move India’s games out of Pakistan by floating a new hybrid format of hosting for the Asia Cup, Sethi sees this as a precedent for the 50-over World Cup in India later this year and the 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan.

“If India now wants to have a neutral venue and accepts the hybrid model, then we’ll use the same hybrid model in the World Cup. Pakistan can play its World Cup matches in Dhaka or any other venue to which India agrees, and similarly in the Champions Trophy. So all the other countries can come and play in Pakistan but India can play at a neutral venue. So this is a model that goes forward and resolves this political logjam,” he told The Indian Express.

Sethi also reacted to reports that suggested that the BCCI was planning to slot the India-Pakistan World Cup game at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. “When I heard that the Pakistan match was to be in Ahmedabad, I smiled and said to myself – ‘this is one way to make sure we don’t come to India’. I mean if you’d said Chennai or Kolkata, it might have made sense,” he said.

“I don’t want to go into the politics of it but certainly there seems to be a political angle to this because if there’s one city where we might have security issues, it’s Ahmedabad. And therefore, I think the less said about that, the better. It gave the impression that this was a red herring that was thrown in our way to tell us, ‘hey, we are going to play you in Ahmedabad and you watch out. You know who rules Ahmedabad.’”

Giving details about the recent Asian Cricket Council meeting in Bahrain over the hosting of the Asia Cup in October, Sethi said that no decision has been taken so far and the members’ reaction to the hybrid model is awaited, though he went on to add that if ACC insists on a one-host model, Pakistan would withdraw.

“No decision has yet been taken about whether it will be the UAE or Sri Lanka, or it could be a third venue. We don’t know. The first question is, is the hybrid model that we’ve proposed acceptable? Are we going to play by those rules? If the ACC insists that all games are to be held at one venue, we shall not play the Asia Cup,” he said.

Sethi also added that he got along well with BCCI secretary Jay Shah, with whom he has had long conversations about India-Pakistan cricket. “I get along famously with Jay Shah, we have no real issues, we’ve had long sessions. And we are very friendly. The only problem is that he never gives me a reason for not playing in Pakistan. He just smiles and says, ‘Well, you know how the situation is, so let’s not discuss this. Let’s find other solutions.’ And then we find other solutions and this is a solution I have found – the hybrid model – which I know is a compromise,” he says.

The journalist-turned-cricket administrator said that the BCCI needs to convince the Indian government for the team to travel to Pakistan. “We at PCB tend to go to our government and persuade them to allow us to go to India. We want to play in India. But then the government gives us this political argument that looks like it needs to be reciprocal. Otherwise, you know, we’ll be criticised roundly by our critics in Pakistan. Similarly, I think the BCCI needs to stand up and go and tell the government that ‘hey, please don’t bring politics into it. This is just a game. Allow us to go to Pakistan’.”


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We are at our weakest in odis right now, our top 4-5 batter out of 6 has completely lost the sheen and unnecessarily dragging themselves up to cost India a wc game. I just want bcci to stop worrying about broadcaster and greed and focus on selecting right in form players ,as with Rohit, Kohli, Rahul, Bandya in top6 we are going to loose even against Pakistanistan.

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what's the latest news? I hear they are threatening SL since there are talks of SL being the new host? Out of all the nations, SL is not the one they should try to defriend considering what they did to their players, lol. In return, SL did not take any action towards PCB either.. should have sued their arse to the moon

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On 5/12/2023 at 3:44 PM, Kipper said:

Sethi also reacted to reports that suggested that the BCCI was planning to slot the India-Pakistan World Cup game at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. “When I heard that the Pakistan match was to be in Ahmedabad, I smiled and said to myself – ‘this is one way to make sure we don’t come to India’. I mean if you’d said Chennai or Kolkata, it might have made sense,” he said.


Najam Sethi must have experienced severe A** Burn here...

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12 hours ago, Zero_Unit said:

 It's funny how BCCI just kept their mouth shut while PCB is going all out nutcase. Even other boards are like F this lol. 

BCCI has clearly stated what it wont do.
PCB is whining and trying to use threats to make BCCI relent. If PCB want to boycott the World Cup, they should state that clearly and stick with their decision. Stop this ongoing rona dhona.


Chuckte Raho


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