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MI v GT (The Wolves) | Mumbai | May 12th


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:mi:  v:gt:



A game at Wankhede has the tendency to eventually become a batting shootout, however, there can be help for bowlers, if they try hard, esp. in the initial stages and if no dew. 


MI has done well chasing this season. SKY has carried MI on his back, making it easier for the other batsmen. On paper, MI sports strong batting with Rohit, Kishan, SKY, Tilak, Wadhera, Green, & David. MI has added Jordan to the mix as well and he can bat a bit too. The bowling can be competitive in the right conditions with Beherendorf, Jordon, & Chawla, along w/ Madhwal, who is said to be accurate with the yorkers. There are upcoming spinners like Karikeya as well. MI has won tosses that have helped its batting in chasing. 


The Wolves will look at this game as a means to tighten a few nuts and bolts, try something new if required, and have fun! The aim would be to keep getting closer to playing a perfect game!!



Cricinfo Preview



Go Wolves!





@Austin 3:!6 Buddy, sticky the thread! :dance:





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4 minutes ago, raki05 said:

Look at Darpok Bandya is not bowling today in PP after kishan and rohit assault. This guy is another glory hunter now as soon as wkt will fall he will soon take charge of bowling.

Mohit  has been a good death bowler for them lol He exposed him with new ball

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1 minute ago, Laaloo said:

Why isn't pandya bowling?

As i said he is another selfish glory hunter , he prefers to bat or bowl when conditions are most easy or in control. He is no different than other selfish glory hunter we had in past , learnt from the master yum yus Dhoni.

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