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Running list of anti-Bharat forces - individuals and organizations - that continue to operate with impunity one way or the other.


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11 hours ago, Gollum said:

Several anti-India posters on this forum, being allowed to operate with impunity by our admins/owner. Don't even think most of them are Indians, must be Pak trolls or berozgar scum on ISPR payroll, they are everywhere on the internet, 5th gen warfare and what not. Let us first deal with them, then think about the country. 


True. Consider some of canadian accounts to be seriously suspect. Admins have to take note.

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Guys watch the twitter video in this opindia link :


IIT Delhi professor Divya Dwivedi calls for wiping out Hinduism from India at G20, had earlier called Hinduism a false religion





France 24*7 English has mischeiviously chose to interview such woke leftist traitors. I am happy these @ssholes are getting their streets set on fire by refugees from religion of peace for being such two faced scums.


This woman Divya Dwivedi by virtue of being a Prof at IIT Delhi, is a govt of India employee.  


Millions have tagged her Ministry of Education and PMO to question how she is on Govt payroll.


This kind of cancer is sowing seeds of hatred in thousands of young minds in the country and influencing them to hate their own civilization and history.


Will this BJP govt or Supreme court ensure that this b!tch is behind prison for hate speech ?





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