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Axar position is untenable now


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8 minutes ago, Nikhil_cric said:

Everybody who is a cricket fan worth his/her salt has to read "Hitting Against the spin" by Ben Jones and Nathan Leamon.


When something has to be compromised in ODI cricket, it is always bowling. 


Bowling winning you tournaments is the most abused and nonsensical idea in cricket. 


Only batting depth - real batting depth with real batsmen will win you World Cups. 


The depth allows batsmen at the top to bat aggressively because they know there are proper batsmen all the way upto 6 at least but maybe 7 and even 8. 


There should never be a compromise on batting depth and batting strike rates. 


This team with Kishan at 5(on a spinning pitch), allrounder at 6 - is absolutely set up for failure. 


Because, by design, it cannot and will not succeed.





Need the right attitude form the batsmen as well and not just eat up the overs when there is some serious depth in the batting.Genuine batsmen also dont like to bat too far down the order ,how many batsmen in india will be willing to bat at no 6, 7, 8.


It comes down to the no 8 and 9 slots ,those 2 slots are pivotal to the balance of the side.If we had 2 high quality bowlers who can bat at 8 and 9 like cummins and lee ,then it would be a lot easier to make the team.

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