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Sundar joins asia cup squad

mani sha

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1 hour ago, sandeep said:

I'm a big believer in washi - his injuries screwed him and the Indian team badly.  Ideally he should have played 20+ ODIs ahead of this WC, and gotten to bat as high as #5 to get some ODI experience under his belt.  Both his batting skills and temperament are good enough for a middle order bat, and his bowling is at least as useful as Jaddu's, and arguably a more economical bet than Jaddu's in white ball on flat tracks.  


I personally believe both Washi and Ashwin are better alternatives to selecting Jadeja in the ODI first choice XI for the WC - Washi is a better batting option (slightly) and no worse a bowler, Ashwin is a non-trivial upgrade over Jaddu with the ball, but definitely a slight downgrade with the bat.  If I had to pick one, and assuming both are fully fit and in rhythm, I'd go with Ashwin as the 2nd spiner and bolster the wicket taking options in the bowling.  


  1.  Rohit
  2. Gill
  3. Ishan/Virat
  4. Virat/Ishan
  5. KLPD 
  6. Pandu
  7. SKY
  8. Ashwin
  9. Boom
  10. Kuldeep
  11. Siraj 

That's my best XI given the current scenario.  In an ideal world I'd replace Ishan with Sundar, and potentially replace Ashwin with either Shami or 



The only problem with that is there is no one to turn the ball away from RHBs, apart from Kuldeep's googlies ofc.


Also we definitely need a 6th bowling option. Maybe Tilak ahead of Ishan/SKY. After WC definitely Jaiswal will address such issues.

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12 hours ago, Majestic said:

Best XI is as below :-






S Iyer

KL Rahul

Sundar/Thakur( Thakur can bat at 8)







We are effectively playing same XI but different batting order. Pandu should definitely be above Sundar/Thakur.

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