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Mayank Dagar - India's Santner?

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I have been following this guy for a relatively long time now. Extremely underrated t20 player. Really really hard to hit against as he hits the perfect length and can also vary his pace and bowl in excess of 100 kph too. Faf Duplessis and his dumb captaincy meant that Dagar only bowled 2 overs inspite of conceding 6 runs. I believe he can do the job Santner does for NZ.


The cliched "left arm spinner to lhb is a bad match up" crap doesn't mean anything when the bowler is this good. You don't take off off spinners coz a RHB is batting. Similarly if you are good enough you can bowl well against any type of batter. 


He is also an electrifying fielding and someone who can hold his bat as well. He is around 27 and can be a future t20 option for India. He is rather average in the other formats. 

This thread is to keep track of his performances in IPL and after....

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Sai Kishore is the closest we have to Santner, in fact he is even taller than Santner and very hard to put away. 


But Santner is a total package, electrifying fielder and a useful slogger. He is what we hoped Jadeja/ Axar/Krunal could become, but alas. 

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