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Team Owner treats KL like a POS


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2 hours ago, Vijy said:

In CT 2013, our top order bowled in crucial matches (arguably every match is crucial when you have only 5): Thala, Brat, and Raina.


yeah we didn't have Lord Pandu back then. We could play Ash at 8 because of that.

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19 hours ago, Lone Wolf said:

J**antu emotional full of weak Choking mentality ICT Pans are supporting Kela on social media & praying his comeback...  Bunch of Pyjama pe**ing weaklings.   

ICC trophies chaiye in logo ko:finger:

Strange post.

Indian fans ranting about the mistreatment of KL or wishing him well on SM has no impact on the chances of Team India winning an ICC trophy.


Good on the fans to call out bad behaviour when they see it.

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