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World T20 Win, Reactions

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3 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

But Bishnoi is not a leg spinner.  He is back of hand off spinner.

he is not a “spinner” only ball he bowls is googlies over googlies. Most one dimensional pathetic spinner of all time. Also only spinner who does not spin the ball in the history of cricket.

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16 minutes ago, Real McCoy said:


I think Wasim Jaffer is pushing the limit here. Him being an ex cricketer doesn't look good on him. That's just me though. Don't know if AB is cool with it or is it within the limits of "banter", something that Vaughn crosses on more than one occassion. Frankly, I don't see ex-Aussie cricketers do this much "bantering". How much banter can people take before they land punches on Vaughn or Jaffer. Since the arrival of social media, nobody thinks before typing or posting memes

He is known for posting Memes. Don’t think ABDV follows or takes him seriously. Sehwag too speaks his mind and lands in trouble sometimes. 

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3 hours ago, Ultimate_Game said:


I can imagine him bowling wide outside off chewing his collar with a maniacal grin on his face after getting hit :laugh:

u mean “hits” like 6 sixes in an over and he would still chew gum and smile. Wondering what he did wrong and looks at rohit…he was just too good bhai.

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Just now, Laaloo said:

Bro you eat the worst food imaginable. What travesty is this? At least when I used to eat meat, they looked tasty. This is disgusting.

healthy shitttt dont look good :facepalm:

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18 minutes ago, Number said:



@Gollum @Andy

Such cockroaches these guys are.


That's why don't feel bad for B'desh fans at all when they invariably crash out in group stages and their fans crying. Phuckn useless piece of shytes and would love to see them getting kicked out of tourneys. IMO we need to do better to control the illegal immigration as these are the sort of ingrates who're coming in.

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8 hours ago, Gollum said:

Klaasen saw him and went on rampage yesterday. I told everyone, Chahal should not be in stadium and kept out of his eyesight. 

Exactly, thankfully Chahal got diarrhoea and went to bathroom which lead to Klassen losing concentration and Pandya getting wicket :aha:



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