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SKYs Catch

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I still think it was a six as the boundary moved a little. Wish this would have been called a six and then we would still eventually end up winning. Takes some shine off. The 3rd umpire also only saw two replays and made his decision. Meanwhile we have seen in meaningless games, where they go through 10 replays to make a decision. Not sure why he was in so hurry in a crucial game.



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50 minutes ago, goose said:

surprised they didn't ask for a better angle. and even more surprised nobody on commentary mentioned it. and as yet nothing from rsa

The umpire was in a hurry. He was disappointing. Took two replays without zooming in and made a decision. 

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5 minutes ago, goose said:

yeh agree. kettleborough is saying 'that's in, that's still in' from an awful angle. i'll take the win but come on

He can take whole year for that review lol If that skirting is unmoved that is a legit catch. This is a legit catch.

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